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CNN Plays Pink’s ‘Stupid Girls’ As Lead-In to Palin/Chick-fil-A Segment

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By HVpolitics on July 29, 2012

UPDATE: CNN doesn’t really apologize. See below.

Back in November 2011, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots found themselves in a conservative twitstorm after they played Fishbone’s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s intro music.

Inappropriate, perhaps, but at least Fallon and The Roots could stand firmly on “Hey, we’re a late-night comedy show” ground.

CNN bills itself as the “Most Trusted Name in News.” Every day and night they sacrifice precious cable ratings for the wounded pride of playing it straight. Apparently that whole nonpartisan party line doesn’t extend to their weekend shows. On “CNN Sunday Morning,” producers thought it wise to play Pink’s “Stupid Girls” before a segment about a sunglassed Sarah Palin wading into the Chick-fil-A anti-gay fray.

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Here’s what anchor Randi Kaye said after the song:

Sarah Palin is apparently hungry for chicken and controversy. She posted this on Twitter and Facebook: “Stopped by Chick-fil-A in the Woodlands to support a great business.” That is her and her husband Todd. Chick-fil-A has come under fire after, we were just telling you, after its president Dan Cathy came out in opposition to same-sex marriage. Several communities now trying to block Chick-fil-A from coming into their cities. Fellow Republican Mike Huckabee has organized that Chick-fil-A appreciation day scheduled for Wednesday.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with Palin’s positions, or whether CNN is truly nonpartisan, is this the type of song choice you’d expect to hear on a network trying desperately to prove itself as an independent arbiter?

Best leave this territory to smartasses on the webosphere, no?

UPDATE: CNN responded, without apology, by way of The Hollywood Reporter: “The music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story,” a CNN spokesperson said. “We regret any perception that they were planned together.”

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[NewsBusters via The Wrap]

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