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Chinese Dungeon Master Kept Six Sex Slaves, Forced Them to Kill

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By HVnews on November 30, 2012

One of the worst human beings alive won’t be alive for very much longer.

The People’s Court in Henan Province, Xinhua, found 35-year-old Li Hao guilty “of murder, rape, organised prostitution, illegal detention and spreading pornography for profit,” according to the International Business Times.

Li Hao has been sentenced to death. Why? For keeping six women in a dungeon as sex slaves and murdering two of them.

The six women had been imprisoned for between two and 21 months. Li repeatedly raped the women, forced them to have sex with customers and made them appear in obscene web shows.

His motive, police said, was to make money by forcing the women into prostitution and appear in his shows.

Two of the women were killed while they were kept in the dungeon. Three more of Li’s prisoners were also found guilty of murder; in one case Li had instructed the women to kill.

The court allowed the women leniency for committing these crimes as they took place under extreme circumstances – one received a three year jail sentence and the other two were put on probation.

Think these women have any interest in doing Maury’s show?

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