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Chardon H.S. Gunman Suspect T.J. Lane’s Facebook Pics, Violent Wall Post

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By HVnews on February 27, 2012

UPDATE, 3/19/13: T.J. Lane was sentenced to three life terms without the possibility of parole. He showed no remorse, as these pics indicate.

TJ Lane
AP Photo/The News-Herald, Duncan Scott


Multiple sources have ID’d the suspect in Chardon, Ohio’s high school shooting as Chardon junior sophomore T.J. Lane, 17.

Here are Facebook pictures:

EDIT: The gun-wielding picture is, (un?)fortunately, not Lane. CleveScene details the spread of the photos from 4chan to major news outlets here.

T.J. Lane Was Friends With 3 of the 5 Students He Shot

T.J. Lane, 17, Will Be Tried as an Adult

Chardon Students Change Profile Pictures to School Logo


And, via Reddit, a violent Facebook post that contains the phrase “I am Death” and “Die, all of you”:

It’s likely that this is his Facebook page. The pictures look very similar, and many friends in his network go to Chardon.

None of this info has been confirmed.

Crazy how holding back info in the Age of the Internet is virtually impossible.

MORE: Suspect T.J. Lane’s Facebook Page Links to Article on Diagnosing Depression



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