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See Cats Sky Dive to R. Kelly and Watch A Dog Defy Gravity

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By HVentertainment on November 13, 2012

Sky diving cats set to R.Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” is the most inspiring supercut of the day. That mid-fall paw high five should be memorialized on one of those motivational office posters.

Not to be outdone, see this derpy dog defy gravity on a wild plane ride.

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James Franco got an award for blogging. Surprisingly, he didn’t invent the award or present it to himself.

It turns out our friends over at Death and Taxes were responsible for the hilarious “All Up In My Snatch” debacle at ABC Denver today. Bravo!

Donald Trump boasts that Scotland loves his newly built golf course. People of Scotland lift up their kilts and tell him to fuck off on Twitter.

Nick Offerman wants you to put down the razor blade and watch this inspiring Movember PSA, “It Gets Fuller.”

Dronestagram attempts to make the CIA’s drone spy surveillance more hip by applying your favorite Instagram filters.

Watch the adorable elderly couple that went viral when they tried to turn on a webcam tackle more tech and get acquainted with Siri.

Add some exclamations to your day with this supercut of Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

Lena Dunham explains to Esquire why she’s such a target for haters and magnet for criticism.

A delightful imagined conversation between actual neighbors and political mistresses Paula Broadwell And Rielle Hunter.

Boogie down with “Baby, I Lobe You,” a hilarious R&B take on the dangers of iPhone autocorrect.

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