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Eating Ham off Padma Lakshmi’s Collar Wasn’t the Only Weird Thing About Last Night’s Capital Food Fight

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By HVnews on October 9, 2012

Monday night’s D.C. event Capital Food Fight, a fundraiser for meal distribution and job training nonprofit D.C. Central Kitchen, featured celeb chefs Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Jose Andrés, Padma Lakshmi and Carla Hall in a series of cook-offs and food challenges.

One high bidder paid $1,000 to eat a piece of Iberico ham off Padma Lakshmi’s collarbone. Apparently it was well worth it: “This is what I want the inside of my coffin to smell like when I die,” said Zimmern, who was not talking about Lakshmi. Bourdain topped him: “I would slit my best friend’s throat with a rusty butter knife for this ham.” OK.

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Here’s the video. One stupid cameraman got in the way of the action:

Any other highlights? You bet. Zimmern and Bourdain had a surprise Top Chef–style cook-off, and the secret ingredient was … wait for it … iguana. Turns out both chefs made identical dishes, serving the meat with eggs.

According to Bourdain, it looked “like something a donkey shit off a cliff,” while Zimmern remarked, “What are the odds that two 50-year-old New York City bozos like us would both make stoner breakfast?”

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