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Camera-Wielding Courtroom Heckler Gets Tased



By HVpolitics
September 17, 2012 at 4:00 pm

This tenacious, blustering heckler named Robert — part of the Freemen on the Land movement, which claims that all statute law is contractual and individuals can opt out at any time — filmed himself butting heads with two guards who won’t let him enter a courtroom with his camera without signed permission from the judge. When he attempts to force his way through, one guard calmly pulls out a Taser and shocks him into submission.

Ouch. But before you say, “Ah, he had it coming,” know that his mother is claiming he actually had permission from the court, obtained months in advance, and had the document with him. Still, the guard warned him several times before drawing the weapon, even though a hand on the shoulder and a shove in the other direction might have gotten the same result.

Full video, if you can put up with Robert’s nonsense for even longer:

What do you think? Was the tasing justified?

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