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California Woman: ‘I Lost My Limbs After 5 Years of Butt Injections’

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By HVnews on May 15, 2012

April Brown, a mom of two and former cosmetologist, suffered through “excruciating pain” for five years as she subjected herself to frequent, unlicensed rear-end injections after an implant procedure. The routine caused life-threatening infections, and last year, to save her own life, Brown underwent multiple amputations, removing her legs and parts of her arms.

In this video for NBC L.A., she discusses her self-esteem issues, “pumping parties” and unlicensed practitioners who administered silicon shots that were called medical-grade, but “a lot of it is industrial-grade silicone.”

Brown was home for Mother’s Day to see her daughters, Courtney and Danye. She calls herself a “survivor” and hopes to become a motivational speaker for girls with body-confidence issues. She cites the tough-love support her friends showed her throughout her ordeal, when they feared she’d die. “We don’t validate each other,” Brown says.

Butt injections are nothing new. Even celebs reportedly get in on the action. For a full rumor list, check out Rolling Out’s page 2.

(via RollingOut)


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