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Bullied Teen Tweeted ‘I Give Up’ Before Subway Suicide

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By HVnews on October 25, 2012

Felicia Garcia was 15, from Staten Island, a girl who was “outgoing, always happy,” who “always wanted to party, like nothing really ever stopped her.” On Wednesday afternoon, the teen entered the Huguenot Staten Island Railway station and threw herself into the path of a subway train.

She was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to Staten Island University Hospital.

It’s not clear what caused Garcia to leap. But the night before, she had tweeted a seemingly innocuous message: “I cant, im done, I give up.”

On the subway platform, “she kept asking everyone, ‘When does the train come,'” Kayla Gonzalez, 14, a Huguenot resident, told the Staten Island Advance. Then, as it approached, she turned around, dropped her bag and phone and said, “Finally it’s here,” before jumping backward at the train.

According to Amanda Liquori, a classmate at Tottenville High School, “she got bullied in the school, especially by the football players, because she looked different and had piercings.”

“She wouldn’t have done it if she wasn’t bullied,” another student tweeted. “All this girl wanted was to be left alone. And nobody could do that for her.”

“Troubles for Garcia weren’t just in school,” Gothamist notes. “Margarita Pabon, Garcia’s maternal aunt, told the Advance the girl’s parents had died and she was living in a foster home, a situation alluded to in her tweets.”

A photo from Garcia’s Instagram feed. “Just because someone is smiling doesnt make them happy #read #between #the #lines,” she wrote.

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[Gothamist via SILive]
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