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Brutal: Philadelphia Police Officer Sucker Punches Woman

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By HVvids on October 1, 2012

There’s not a whole lot of context to this video that hit the notoriously anti-police hive mind of Reddit on Monday morning. But this 36-second clip (hey, cops, reminder: everything is being recorded, everywhere) will surely change the lives of this white-shirt officer and the woman he decks.

Brutal. We don’t know exactly what led to the officer in the white shirt (significant, as this means he has acquired the rank of sergeant or above; he’s not some campus cop on a power trip) to blindly sucker punch this woman in the head. We don’t know whether the scene itself was provocative in any way. The woman, there to celebrate Puerto Rican heritage over the weekend, *appears* to spray the officer with water or some other liquid.

GIF via Reddit

Appears is the key word. Go back to the video — at the very beginning, a man’s arm can be seen throwing water in the air in the officers’ direction. Is that the liquid that hit the officers? Did she even do anything wrong here?

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Is it full-on police brutality? Depends on your definition, but his reaction is brutal. Just brutal. Is it excessive force? You bet. Watch this:

GIF via Reddit

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