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When Right-Wing Ambushes Go Horribly Wrong

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By HVmedia on March 21, 2012

This piece originally appeared on our brand new politics/media site Distriction. Check it.

Either Jason Mattera doesn’t much care for famous liberals, or he’s a smart opportunist who sees dollar signs and right-wing fame in the marketplace of anti-Hollyweird rhetoric. Whatever his reasons, Mattera has carved out a great niche for himself as the Ambusher to the Stars. He’s pretty good at it, too. Just last week he got Chris Rock to rough up his cameraman. That’s ‘DC’s bad boy reporter‘ for ya.

His latest ambush? Bono! Mattera and Breitbart.com teamed up for an EXCLUSIVE!!! in which Mattera surprised the U2 frontman with questions about why his band is dodging taxes by moving from Ireland to Holland. There was only one problem: Mattera’s interviewing a Bono impersonator in these videos, which have now been set to “private.” That’s … well, that’s just embarrassing.

Don’tcha just hate when you ambush someone and it turns out to be their stunt double? The crew of Spaceball One certainly feels Mattera’s pain today. Click on over to Distriction to read the rest of this hilarious, ridiculous, absurd, terrible, terrific story about the saddest ambush video ever.


What else is happening on Distriction? Glad you asked …


• This story about Stephon meeting Obama has already gone viral:

Stephon stood just a few feet away from Barack Obama. The president, busy shaking hands, looked right at him. “It was like he was waiting for me to say something,” he said later.

So the 26-year-old Prince George’s Community College student took his cue and spoke to President Obama in his first language: American Sign Language. “I am proud of you,” Stephon signed. The president, almost involuntary, instinctively, immediately signed back.

“Thank you,” Obama replied.

This is one of those moments that humanize the office of the presidency:


What else?


• Heyyoooo, Obama made another birther joke on Tuesday (his 4th, at least)

• Shaky start for 13-year-old Malia Obama’s first Spring Break

• The Gay Political Wish List breaks down 11 House members we wished played for the other team. Some of these may surprise you — hey, who wants a mustache ride?

And there’s so much more … head on over to Distriction and go play around now. Don’t forget to like it on The Facebook and follow @DistrictionDC on The Twitter.


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