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Backseat, Windows Up: What Was This Judge Doing With Her Court’s Public Defender?

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By HVnews on February 20, 2012

Backseat, windows up: That’s the way this Akron judge likes to litigate.

Joy Malek Oldfield (right), a municipal court judge in Akron, Ohio, is contesting a police report saying she was caught having hot lesbian judicial sexytimes with a female public defender, Catherine Loya, who appears in Oldfield’s court on a regular basis.

Officer Thomas Ballinger of Copley Township, Ohio, claims he noticed a car parked in an empty lot with the engine running at around 1:45 a.m. As he approached, he says, he “observed a female’s head raise up from the back seat and look out the back window.” He then saw “two female subjects placing their clothing items on and then exit the backseat and move to the front seats.”

Ballinger smelled alcohol from inside the car. When Loya refused to perform sobriety tests, the officer cited her with physical control traffic offense and drove them both to Oldfield’s home. The judge was not charged.

Oldfield, who has a husband, is “dumbfounded” by the report, says her lawyer, John Hill. The judge claims Hoya was driving her home but pulled over so Oldfield, upset over the illness of a relative, could smoke a cigarette and “compose herself.”

Hill says there was no pulling clothes on and no backseat activity. “She has no unusual or inappropriate relationship with this lawyer,” says Hill. “There’s nothing going on other than two people talking about a very emotional thing and Joy trying to compose herself.”

Police Chief Michael Mier said his officer had no reason to embellish the facts.

It all sounds like one fantastic way to circumnavigate the penal code, eh? But what do you think? Illicit high school–style backseat tryst, or something much more boring?

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