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Avery Johnson Jr. on Dad’s Firing: ‘This is a fuxking Outrage’

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By HVsports on December 27, 2012

The Brooklyn Nets on Thursday fired head coach Avery Johnson, who was thrown under the bus this week by star point guard Deron Williams.

Johnson was named NBA Coach of the Month in October and November, but it’s December that’ll getcha. After guiding the team to a surprising 11-4 record in its inaugural Brooklyn season, the Nets have come crashing down to earth by losing 10 of their 13 (center Brook Lopez missed seven games).

The on-court product isn’t always necessarily the fault of the head coach, but nonetheless, there will be a new sheriff on the Nets sideline.

avery johnson jr drake

Avery’s son, Avery Johnson Jr., a high-school junior who can ball like his dad (and hang out with Drake), isn’t exactly taking the news well.

avery johnson jr. tweets

Here’s a snapshot of his timeline in the hour or so after Avery’s firing:

avery johnson jr tweets timeline

Not quite the caliber of Ozzie Guillen’s son, but still classic.

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