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AutoZone Employee Thwarts Serial Robber, Fired For Heroic Actions

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By HVnews on November 30, 2012

No good deed goes unpunished.

More than 30 business in the Virginia peninsula have been hit by a man dubbed the “fake beard bandit,” but local AutoZone employee Devin McClean wasn’t about to let his store become another target.

The robber entered the store, holding the manager at gunpoint and demanding cash. But thinking quickly, McClean ran from the restroom, out the back door to his car and grabbed his own personal weapon. When he reentered the store, McClean confronted the thief at gunpoint, causing him to throw his hands up with his gun in the air and flee.

Devin’s Autozone was already the target of a past robbery by the same man, but thanks to McClean’s actions, he not only saved the store, but also the life of his manager. “He was like ‘Thank you Devin, you really saved my life,'” McClean said.

The kudos, however, were short lived — McClean was fired two days later. AutoZone’s corporate office commented that even in the case of McClean’s action, they still have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to employees having weapons inside the store. McClean is understanding: “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy,” he said.

McClean’s story is similar to that of four Walmart security employees who were fired after thwarting a store gunman back in 2011.

No matter the circumstances, it seems like corporations’ stances on situations involving guns, no matter how heroic, won’t be easing up anytime soon.

What say you? Was this the right call? Weigh in below.

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