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‘Arrested Development’ Set Pics: ‘Workaholics,’ Tobias & Stair Car


Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer
August 9, 2012 at 12:20 pm

The family that’s never ever even seen a chicken is back on set.

The fourth season of the critically acclaimed, viewer-challenged “Arrested Development” has begun filming, and photos from the set are now leaking onto the interwebs (everywhere except ImOscar.com). It’s expected that all 10 episodes of the season will debut simultaneously on Netflix in 2013 in advance of a feature film. Taste the happy, Michael!

While we wait to see whether Gene Parmesan, Fake Uncle Jack, J. Walter Weatherman and Annehog (her?) will return to the cast, it looks as if the gang from “Workaholics” will be involved somehow.

Twitpic via @BatemanJason

Arrested Development = tight butthole?

The “Workaholics” crossover cameo makes complete sense in light of the fact that AD creator Mitchell Hurwitz guest-starred as “Cool Eric” on an episode of Ders, Blake and Adam’s show last year. Montez, y’all!

Twitpic via @Juse65

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But, wait, there’s more — here’s David Cross reprising his role as analrapist Tobias Fünke in some sort of press-shy Alec Baldwin ghost blanket.

Photo via Eric Ford/On Location News

And someone on Reddit spotted the stair car!

Photo via Reddit

Can’t wait. As Ned Stark might warn, incredible comedy is coming.

See more “Arrested Development” set pics over at BuzzFeed.

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