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Awful Apple-Obsessed Parents Gave Rise To Tech-Inspired Baby Names

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By HVentertainment on November 30, 2012

• Naming a child after the extremely unhelpful Apple assistant Siri should be considered child abused.

Miley Cyrus might be replacing Angus T. Jones on Two and Half Men.

• Stock up on lotion now, Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone filmed a sex scene.

• This sexy soccer managers 2013 calendar is the funniest thing we’ve seen all week.

• Fighting crime and offering free mustache rides, all in a days work for superheroes with mustaches.

• Don’t miss this must see adorably illustrated evolution of movie stars and characters.

Game of Thrones Street Fighter edition is the ultimate way to decide who sits on the iron throne.

• The future is here, 3-D printing is coming to a Staples near you.

• Nothing more seasonal than the best holiday episodes of ’90s TV shows.

• This is what it looks like when you realize you just won $300 million dollars.

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