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Anchor Sue Simmons Forced Out: What the F*&k Are You Doing, NBC4?

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By HVmedia on March 7, 2012

Like a boat turning in the river, NBC4’s beloved news team will now be a rudderless ship without its fucking anchor. Veteran local news anchor and four-time Emmy Award winner Sue Simmons has been forced out, according to a New York Post exclusive.

The 68-year-old Simmons, who is the highest paid local news anchorwoman in America, will reportedly continue her role as lead anchor on the 11 pm newscast until June and then fade away. Her equally beloved co-anchor of three decades, Chuck Scarborough, will stay on air for at least another three years.

It’s a tough time for local news divisions. As fewer people tune in and ad revenue sinks, there’s increased pressure to jettison top talent collecting big paychecks. But Sue Simmons is a staple of New York — whoever picks her up (cough, NY1, cough?) is going to add a real dynamo.

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