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Breathtaking Interactive Mars Panorama From the Opportunity Rover

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By HVvids on August 8, 2012

NASA released this amazing interactive panorama stitched together from footage taken by the Opportunity rover between Dec. 21, 2011, and May 8, 2012, while the rover was stationed on an outcrop “informally named ‘Greeley Haven'” on a segment of the rim of the ancient Endeavour Crater.

The still pano itself is amazing — read more about it here — but this is a far better way to explore it.

The image above is just a screencap. Click here to see the rover’s 360 degree view of the Red Planet. Click and drag to move the screen.

It’s stunning — and is really whetting our appetite for the images Curiosity produces when it deploys its photography rig.

Is Mars porn a thing yet? It will be soon.

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