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“All in the Game, Yo”: Omar Little Arrested on Handgun Charges in Baltimore?

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By HVnews on January 2, 2012

Wonder if they got him doing street rips or real po-lice work…

Nine months after Baltimore Police collared Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, best known for her drug-assassin cahacter on HBO’s The Wire, the BPD racked up another big score: Omar Little.

Only this time, Baltimore’s finest didn’t catch the mysterious, drug-dealer robbin’ Robin Hood from the fictional show — they just happened to nab someone with a similar name.

Baltimore Sun crime reporter Justin Fenton noticed the handgun charge and jokingly tweeted the nugget as a flight of fancy for The Wire‘s diehard fans. Fenton on Monday gathered more facts, found out the character was not based on a real person and tweeted: “If you saw my tweet last night about an arrest of an Omar Little Jr, I reached out to David Simon, who says it is ‘coincidence, completely.'”

There doesn’t appear to be any public comment from Michael K. Williams, who played Omar, at this time.

We’ll also keep an eye out to see whether any Marlo Stanfields are headed for central booking.

(via @Justin_Fenton via The Daily What)

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