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Hitler’s Seductive Short Shorts Photo Shoot

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 9, 2012

Does it surprise anyone that the anti-Semitic polemicist turned dictator was as vain as any other politician? This little-known photo set from a shoot in the late 1920s shows Adolf looking totally badass leaning casually against a tree, wearing knee-high socks and thigh-length shorts.


The photos are cribbed from a book coming out called Hitler Was My Friend, which I really hope gets republished as one of those Urban Outfitters meme collections called Hitler in Cute Outfits!, a la Stuff on My Cat.

The Sun also compiled shots of the Nazi leader practicing his best Blue Steel in a cute military cap (right). Another photo shoot has Hitler waving his arms maniacally — so he could “decide which poses he would use during his public engagements and rousing speeches.” He was obsessed with his image, said the photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann. I could totally see a modern-day Hitler taking shirtless pics (keeping the knee socks on, natch) and posting them on NazInstagram.

On an adorable, Us Weekly–worthy side note, Hoffmann would later introduce him to his assistant turned ladyfriend and partner in killing their own children and themselves, a young Eva Braun.

(via The Sun)


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