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Actual Counterterrorism Experts Will Host Zombie Disaster Training

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By Brendan OConnor on September 20, 2012

For the second time this year, zombies will infest San Diego. The fantastically named security firm HALO Corporation, the host of an annual Counter-Terrorism Summit, will incorporate zombie disaster management training into their five-day conference.

“The Zombie Apocalypse is very whimsical,” said Brad Barker, the president of the firm. (Well, that guy’s dead within 24 hours.) He continued, “The new battlefield is cyberspace, for sure.” There is no cyberspace in the zombie apocalypse, Brad. That world is gone. We need to adapt. We need to survive.

HALO Corp — honestly, you can’t make this stuff up — is not the first group of real, serious people to start taking zombies sort of seriously. Last year, Assistant Surgeon General Rear Adm. Ali Khan, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s director of public health preparedness posted a Preparedness 101 guide on their Public Health Matters blog, which FEMA shared.

Health Communication Specialist Maggie Silver wrote a “teachable moments” post for the CDC blog using clips from The Walking Dead. (Too bad about Dr. Jenner.) Which is good, because the show returns October 14, and it’ll provide lots of teachable moments.


Get A Kit, Make A Plan, Be Prepared. emergency.cdc.gov

Navy Times has also published a deployment guide. We don’t normally like to endorse products here at HyperVocal, but in the wake of the Miami Face-Eater we think it is imperative for all of our readers to stock up on some Z-Max bullets.


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