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25 Amazing Acts of Kindness After Superstorm Sandy

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Cooper Fleishman & Greg Seals

By Cooper Fleishman & Greg Seals on November 1, 2012

Your faith in humanity restored in 60 seconds, guaranteed.

An East Village doctor with a New York Times profile is offering free medical care:


Airbnb features $10 rooms for stranded folks:

Bleecker Street Pizza is still serving slices — by flashlight, in a gas oven:


And this place, 11B Express, is handing out free pizza:

Duracell has a truck in Battery Park where New Yorkers can charge their phones for free:


And in Hoboken:


CNN provided a power station to Lower Manhattanites:

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Some strangers are doing the same:


And this hero brought a power strip:


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Bronies are offering other Bronies a place to stay:

Alec Baldwin’s wife bought groceries for her neighbors:

And Alec Baldwin himself visited NYU:

NYC language school Fluent City is offering free workspaces:


It’s also donating $20 for every class signed up for. Email rentspace@fluentcity.com.

U-Haul’s deal: 30 days of free storage and moving to residents in the Northeast U.S.

In addition to the 30-days-free self-storage assistance being offered, people who need boxes can take advantage of the U-Haul Take a Box, Leave a Box Program. The program enables customers to return their reusable boxes and allows others to take them as needed — FREE. U-Haul encourages anyone who has any type of reusable box to drop it off at the nearest U-Haul location and allow another family to reuse the box, free of charge, instead of throwing the reusable box into the recycling bin. U-Haul also has propane available and urges customers to stop in to ensure that their propane tanks are topped off, since propane is a good thing to have on hand when these storms come through.

Families needing more information about the 30-days-free self-storage assistance program should contact one the following U-Haul regional offices.

Also in the East Village, the Northern Spy Food Co. gave out free lunch:

In Hoboken, a good Samaritan set out snacks:

In Pelham, NY, a food market offers frozen-goods storage:

Free Colombian soup from Cafecito Bogotá in Greenpoint:

NY Sports Clubs are letting New Yorkers shower, charge phones and even exercise for free:


The Wall Street Journal is suspending its paywall:

Clean drinks from NYC Water:


Free bike rentals:

Free waffles near the Brooklyn Bridge from Waffletruck:


The Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey team is selling weekend tickets for $0.00:


Last but not least: Ben Stiller serving pancakes in Brooklyn.

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