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What the Hell Happened to These ’90s Mega-Celebs?

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By Julia Drake on July 30, 2012

Apparently talking about the ’90s isn’t going to get old anytime soon, which is fine by me. I could spend hours talking about Joey McIntyre and my fave scenes from Singles. Two weeks ago, I discussed a list of ’90s celebs who br-aught it in the 2000s. Because there must be a yin to this yang, I’m back to go over a list of stars from that decade who sparkled and faded and kind of fell off the face of the Earth.

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Damon Wayans (Sr., not Jr., whom you can spot in the New Girl pilot and on Happy Endings) was a huge deal in the ’90s. Major Payne was easily one of the most hilarious movies my 12-year-old self saw in 1995. All of his characters on In Living Color were incredible and he comes from a Hollywood family powerhouse. How is it possible that he has been pretty much non-existent in recent years? Homey don’t play that.

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Rachael Leigh Cook had a breakout roll in She’s All That. In 1999 there were a whole slew of teen movies and this one led the pack. It had a choreographed dance scene! It had Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard AND Paul Walker!

How our girl Rachael Leigh basically fell off the fame-o-meter after this movie came out makes no sense to me. Except for the fact she is essentially the poor man’s Natalie Portman. Right?

I just realized that She’s All That was clearly cursed. That movie was packed FULL of ’90s teen heartthrobs and none of them went anywhere. (Except for you, Usher.) Remember Freddie Prinze Jr.? Not really? You’re not alone. The only thing he is famous for now is being married to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which is probably not a bad gig.

Everyone had a favorite Friend, and I always kind of got the impression that everyone’s least-favorite was Ross. David Schwimmer played an excellent paleontologist stick-in-the-mud, but his Central Perk ennui didn’t transcend to, well, anything really.

Ariana Richards played the granddaughter of that wily, rich old kook John Hammond in mega-hits Jurassic Park and the sequel. She also starred as the love interest in ’90s classic Angus. And then … nada. There was definitely a period of time after Jurassic Park came out where I wanted to be Ariana Richards. She was clearly on her way to dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

What’s she up to now? Making a living as a painter.

Last but not least: Alicia Silverstone. Before she was Cher in Clueless, she starred in three freaking Aerosmith videos! And in the ’90s I am pretty sure NOTHING was cooler than Aerosmith. My only conclusion is that in Hollywood you can be seven hours late to rehearsal and batshit drunk but you cannot birdfeed your child.


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