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77-Pound Dachshund Has an Awesome New Owner and Weight-Loss Regimen

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By HVnews on September 11, 2012

Obie, an incredibly obese dachshund, now has a chance to avoid suffocating in his own fat like our old favorite fat pet, Meow the cat. His new owner, Portland EMT and nursing technician Nora Vanatta, is putting the portly pup on a strict diet and training regimen.

Vanatta has a degree in animal science and eight years’ experience as a certified veterinary technician. She’s teaming with a Purina rep to transform 5-year-old Obie’s eating habits, using “a low-fat, high-protein diet that also contains isoflavones, a natural bioactive compound designed to reduce oxidative stress in overweight dogs.”

Obie can’t move his body very much, but when his stomach hangs above his feet, Vanatta will introduce him to a treadmill and have him swim in a pool. Unfortunately, his bones and joints are under so much stress that gaining muscle mass will be a slow process, but Vanatta hopes Obie will lose half his weight.

How does a dog get like this?

Obie’s former owners were elderly and didn’t know how to show love for the dog — except with food. The dog overate and had very little exercise. Finally, the owners asked for help and gave Obie up for adoption, but one wonders why it took them so long.

Actually, no, that’s a far-too-polite way to put it. By “one wonders,” I mean animal abuse like this makes me and everyone on Earth with a minute amount of compassion for other living things want to flip a desk over and throw a computer through a window.

Best of luck to ya, Obie. Vanatta, you’re a saint.

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