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6-Year-Old Donates Allowance Money to Save Her Public Library

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By HVnews on November 15, 2012

The most heartwarming 22 words you’ll read today.

The city of Seattle is facing huge budget cuts this year, and as a result, public institutions such as the Seattle Public Library are in jeopardy. An anonymous donor offered to donate $500,000 if citizens can match the amount, so Ani J., 6, volunteered too:

Dear Library, I want to share my allowance money so you can stay open. I am 6 years old. Here is $11. (as dictated to mom, aka scribe)

From Friends of the Seattle Public Library:

If you are reading this and also want to help support the Seattle Public Library, an anonymous donor has pledged $500,000 to support the Seattle Public Library if the citizens of Seattle can raise a matching amount. To donate, go to the Seattle Public Library Foundation website. Let’s make a million dollars for the Library!

Another way you can help is to attend City Council budget hearings and voice your support for the Library. Seattle is facing huge budget cuts again this year. Come and let the Council know how valuable libraries are to our community. For a schedule of budget hearings go the City Council’s website.

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