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30 Olympians Who Think Medals Are Made of Chocolate

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By Greg Seals on August 13, 2012

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The 2012 Olympics in London have officially come to a close.

It’s become de rigueur for winning Olympians to take a bite of their medal after they’ve bitten the competition. These photos have become as symbolic of Olympic victory as the flame or the rings.

But where does this bizarre tradition come from? Are the medals actually filled with delicious milk chocolate? (Yes!) (Wait.) (No.)

Many Olympic historians suppose that the tradition stems from a time where people would test the metal content of an object by biting it. Tooth enamel is harder than gold, and thus biting something that is pure gold would leave an indentation. Yet, the gold medals received by winners haven’t been pure gold since 1912 — the gold medals from this years Olympics are mainly silver, containing only about 1.34% gold that serves as a coating. So don’t bite on those medals too hard, or you’ll end up with teeth worse than the British.

LeBron James savors his golden victory:

Oregon Live

Serena Williams takes gold for USA:

Sacramento Bee

Ryan Lochte has a mouthful of metal with his now infamous grill after clenching gold in Men’s 400m Individual Medley:

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France’s Teddy Riner and his gold in Men’s Judo:


USA soccer champion Megan Rapinoe and girlfriend Sarah Walsh of the Australian national team chow down on some medal together:


Russia’s Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romanshina double down with their gold after their Synchronized Swimming win


USA swimmer Ricky Berens, a mouthful of gold and silver:

The Body Odd

Aries Merritt after winning the Men’s 110m Hurdles:


Daniele Molment of Italy enjoys the tang of his win in the Men’s Kayak Finals:


L to R: Teymur Mammadov of Azerbaijan and Tervel Pulev of Bulgaria with bronzes, Oleksandr Gvozdyk of Ukraine with gold, and Clemente Russo of Italy with his silver, after the Men’s Heavy Boxing final:


L to R: Bronze medalists Lazaro Alvarez Estrada of Cuba and Satoshi Shimizu of Japan, gold medalist Luke Campbell of Great Britain, and silver medalist John Joe Nevin of Ireland after the Men’s Bantam Boxing final:


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Luke Campbell finally takes a well-deserved bite of the gold:


Valerie Adams of New Zealand tastes silver after her Women’s Shot Put victory:


China’s Xiaojun Lu after his gold medal victory in Men’s 77kg Weightlifting:

Xfinity Comcast

Coach Daniel Levasseur receives a snack courtesy of his gold-medal Fencing champs Yujie Sun and Xiaojuan Luo of China:


Kazakhstan’s Alexander Vinokourov and his gratifying gold win:


Japan’s Mizuki Fujii and Reika Kakiiwa share a slice of silver after their Women’s Doubles Badminton win:


Claressa Shields gnaws on gold after earning America’s first Olympic boxing win:


Ukraine’s Yuri Cheban after his Men’s Canoe Single victory:

3News New Zeland

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Turkey’s Men’s Taekwondo Servet Tazegul noms on victory:


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