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12-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Has Been Inking Since She Was 4

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By HVculture on May 31, 2012

Back in 2006, Modblog featured a very young inker whose father, a fellow pro, let her practice on his body. At age 4, he let her tattoo a cat with whiskers; at age 6, she gave him a heart with her name, Nadia, on his knee.

Now, at age 12, she has a small group of clients — but she still works on her pop from time to time. Dad sports Nadia’s most recent piece, this pink heart skull (below). As you can see, her technique has improved quite a bit!

According to BME, the original post “was reblogged on a Christian parenting blog, which led to a pretty heated argument between members of their community and ours. Keep in mind that her father is a tattoo artist, oversees all of her work, and it is all done in a studio. Specifically Never Say Die in London, England.”


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