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11-Year-Old Pee Vandal Destroys $36,000 Worth of MacBooks

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By HVnews on May 2, 2012


Someone’s gonna be pissed about this one. In Pennsylvania’s Upper Allen Township Elementary, an 11-year-old is being charged with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief for urinating on a cart filled with 30 Apple laptops, causing over $36,000 in damage.

The police department says it’s not sure why or even how the boy was able to cause so much damage. How full does a kid’s bladder have to be to drench 30 laptops? Apparently a well-aimed splash will put a MacBook out of service. And nope, Applecare doesn’t cover wizz damage.

In fact, Apple won’t even touch machines that have taken a urinary hit, a rep tells NBC. Pee, like cigarette smoke, is a biohazard — and unfortunately for this elementary school, it means that the damage to these computers is irreparable.

Maybe the kid was upset that the laptops didn’t come with Word installed. Maybe he didn’t get a Steve Jobs golden ticket. But we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s an undercover Dell rep.

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