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You Will Cry: Incredible Story of Cancer-Stricken Woman Holding On to Give Birth

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By HVnews on October 18, 2011

Stacie Crimm became pregnant after years of trying. You can imagine how excited she must’ve been.

“Joyous” was how family described her reaction to the news. Despite no longer being with the father of the baby, Crimm was looking forward to raising the baby on her own. Unfortunately, just months after the great news, she was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. It put Stacie in the unenviable position of having to choose between her life and the life of the baby she desperately wanted.

Courageously, Crimm decided to forgo the chemotherapy treatment that would’ve saved her life and held on for five months to give birth to a baby girl named Dottie Mae by C-section.

Dottie Mae came into the world weighing just 2 lbs, 1 ounce.

Following the surgical birth, Crimm’s health deteriorated rapidly. She held on again, and despite being too weak, was able to hold Dottie Mae one time. A nurse arranged for Dottie Mae to be brought in from the ICU and laid on her mother’s chest.

Crimm passed away three days after bringing her daughter into the world.

Someone’s cutting onions in the next room because the eyes are starting to get misty. The Daily Mail and The Oklahoman have the full story, which is even more heart-wrenching than described above.

Imagine having tumors wrapped around your brain stem cell, imagine having your throat paralyzed, imagine being blind. Imagine the strength and power of love to fight death every step of the way just so you could give birth to a little miracle.

We often write about terrible mothers here, jokingly tagging them as “Mother of the Year.” It’s a pleasure to see a mother who actually should be given that award, even if she has to accept it in spirit only.

Crimm was unconscious and unable to sign the birth certificate. Guardianship of Dottie Mae fell onto the shoulders of Crimm’s brother, Ray Phillips, and his wife Jennifer.

“I think she’s a miracle. I just want to do right by her and do what Stacie asked,” Jennifer Phillips said.

Any baby born into the world with that much love should do just fine. It’s too bad her mother won’t be around to see Dottie Mae grow up. See more of the story right here:

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