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You Can Cry Over Spilled Wine: Forklift Drops $1 Million Dollars Worth of Shiraz

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By HVnews on July 22, 2011

Put aside the notion that Australian winemaker Sparky Marquis has the best porn name going. We imagine with a name like that he would play some sort of French baron with a twirly mustache.

It’s a funny image. What’s not as funny is Marquis’ Mollydooker vineyard attempting to export 462 cases of their 2010 Velvet Glove shiraz, which retails for $185 a bottle, from Adelaide to the United States.

As the cases were about to be loaded, the forklift malfunctioned and the shipment fell six meters (about 20 feet) to the ground. The drop was so forceful the bottles punched through the top of the cartons.

As Hugo Hurley would say in utter despair on Lost: “Dude.”

“We just couldn’t believe it,” Marquis told The Herald Sun. “This wine is our pride and joy, so to see it accidentally destroyed, and not consumed, has left us all a bit numb.”

Marquis now is working with insurance agencies to help recoup the losses because, get this, it’s estimated that Mollydooker lost close to $1 million worth of wine in the fall.

Nearly one-third of Mollydooker’s annual production went bye-bye.

Granted, in the world of high-end wine, reducing supply of one of the world’s best shiraz varietals will only increase how much that wine will command on the open market. But this is a major blow.

It’s too bad it was caused by a forklift malfunction and not human error. If it was human error, at least there’s someone to yell at. In this case, just some really bad luck.

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