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Yet Another Fast-Food Fight: Woman in Bikini Goes Beserker at Burger King

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By HVculture on March 24, 2011

We’re fighting at Denny’s. (Often, it seems.) We’re fighting in taco shops. (Drag queens, too.) Fast-food joints have become the de facto venue for public fights that end up on YouTube.

And one of the original fast-food joints apparently didn’t want to be left behind. So one Burger King in Panama City Beach, Florida, last weekend played host to an unusual one — a bikini-clad woman throwing, ahem, a whopper of tantrum and nearly inciting a small riot in the King’s court.

Warning: harsh language and video hilarity ensue.

According to WJHG, “Employees dialed 9-1-1 for help, as one bikini-clad woman, later identified as Kimesia Smith of Montgomery, Ala., jumped up on the counter and threw a charity coin jug at employees, and 3 of Smith’s friends also began throwing napkins, utensils, and trays throughout the location.

The woman in the bikini, who became concerned about the whereabouts of her two children after Panama City Beach Police placed her in handcuffs, was taken to the Bay County Jail on charges of simple battery, in part because of allegations she pulled a Burger King employee’s hair. Beach police contacted a friend of the woman, who told police she would take care of Smith’s children.”

We’re excited to see which fast-food joint will next play host to this growing lack of civility.

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