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Weiner Comes…Clean: “I Have Made Terrible Mistakes”

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By HVpolitics on June 6, 2011

So it turns out, this is now confirmed to be a picture of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s clothed dong:

June News Cycle Loser Anthony Weiner’s Bad Times Tour continues to roll on.

Rep. Anthony Weiner learned a valuable lesson today: It pays to be on time for your own press conference. The embattled Democratic congressmen, now under fire following a new round of developments, called reporters together for a statement about his online activities, scheduled for 4 pm.

Before Rep. Weiner showed up, right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart arrived, and the assembled press asked him to take the podium. So Breitbart Kanye’d the festivities — “Yo, Anthony, I’ma let you finish but I’m the biggest whore OF ALL TIME — and said he’d be vindicated that he didn’t hack into Weiner’s Twitter account and send a clothed shot of his privates to a young woman near Seattle.

The WWE-style pre-presser might just be the most bizarre development in a truly bizarre dick pic story, especially when the last question at the press conference was “Were you fully erect?” (That video is embedded at the bottom — it’s not a reporter, it’s Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern show.)

When Rep. Weiner showed up he copped to everything: to sending a picture of his genitalia to the young woman on Twitter, to lying about it, to making up a story about his being hacked. Then, he came clean on much more: He admitted to online relationships with six women (some before marriage, some after) on Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, and other methods of the past three years.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” Rep. Weiner said. “The picture was of me, and I sent it.”

He said he has not met any of these women in real life: “”I never was in the same room with them. I never had any physical relationship whatsoever. I am deeply ashamed of my terrible decisions and actions.”

Rep. Weiner also said he informed his wife this morning about some of the women to whom he’d been communicating. He said she urged him to come clean.

So why did he lie? “I was embarrassed and ashamed. I was trying to protect me wife and myself. We have no intention of splitting up. She’s disappointed with me. She said she loved me and we’ll weather this together.” He added, “I haven’t told the truth. And I’ve done things I deeply regret. I’ve brought pain to people I care about the most and people who believe in me. And for that, I’m deeply sorry.”

The congressman said he would take full responsibility for his actions, but that he would not resign.

Let’s try to untangle today’s developments, which have presumably led to Weiner calling the press conference. Radar Online and Star Magazine both published a story that a woman, unrelated to the earlier scandal, had come forward with some 200 sexually explicit conversations she claims were sent to her from Weiner’s Facebook page.

He told the woman he had a ‘ridiculous bulge’ in his shorts and asked if she ‘wanna see’ it — almost three months before a photo of an erect penis in tight fitting briefs appeared in the pol’s Twitter stream.

It’s a sensational twist to the scandal plaguing the embattled New York congressman. This new woman is middle-aged and from Nevada.

She requested that her name not be used but Radar and Star verified that she is listed as one of Weiner’s friends on his Facebook page.

The woman provided Radar and Star with a partially redacted transcript of a private Facebook ’sexting’ exchange she allegedly had with married Weiner on March 16.”

Here is that exchange:

Today, at Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com, more than half the stories linked at the top have to do with some facet of WeinerGate.

Andrew Breitbart, IN THIS INSTANCE, appears to have been vindicated.

Here’s where WeinerGate exploded: The congressman allegedly sent topless photos of himself through a Yahoo! mail account that is very reminiscent of Rep. Chris Lee. Lee, however, resigned almost immediately and with very little fanfare once the pictures emerged.

The details of the report are scant at BigGovernment, but they claim that Weiner sent a few racy photos of himself to this unnamed person through the Yahoo! account.

The array of images behind the shirtless congressman include several apparently identifying portraits, including a photograph that appears to be of Rep. Weiner with former President Bill Clinton (at above right, behind the left shoulder).

A Google search for the email address Rep. Weiner allegedly used on that occasion yields an invisible Yahoo! profile with images that appear to be a repository for some of Rep. Weiner’s personal photographs.

The profile automatically provides what appear to be the last three uploaded photographs in thumbnail form.

ABC News has named the woman in question: “The announcement came as ABC News prepared to release an interview with Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old single mother from Texas who provided dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs that she says chronicle a sexually-charged electronic relationship with Weiner that rapidly-evolved for more than a month, starting on April 20, 2011.”

More than anything, these new developments are further proof that Weiner is human and doesn’t have the best judgment in the world. It’s also proof that this thing is going to be spun and and re-spun and covered into the ground.

So what happens now? This is embarrassing for Congressman Weiner, and it’s certainly damning to his chances to become Mayor of New York City. But, ultimately, whatever you thought of the congressman’s job performance before this scandal broke, that’s how he will likely be viewed.

Scandals come and scandals go, and this may affect your view of him personally, but he never told other people how to live their personal lives. At least that’s something.

One thing can be said “with certitude”: As long as politicians are attached to their penises, we will forever have sex scandals. Rep. Weiner hopes the next one breaks soon.

To put this all in perspective, if the press had been this diligent about a sitting president lying about weapons of mass destruction and why we went to war, the country would no doubt be better off.

(In case you’re wondering, that’s Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern Show.)

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