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Watch Live: Occupy “Day of Action” Continues, 240+ Arrested

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By HVnews on November 17, 2011

UPDATE: At least 175 people have been arrested on Wednesday’s “Day of Action,” which celebrated the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. After a morning of marches and tense stand-offs with the NYPD, the protesters took the march towards Union Square. Estimates are always tricky, but there are as few as a couple thousand and as many 5,000 people marching with the crowd.

Tim Pool from We Are the Other 99, who has pretty much been streaming live without stopping since Monday night/Tuesday morning’s police raid, is up and running again. He’s building to legend status:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making sure New Yorkers and the world know the protesters are at fault for all the violence we’ve seen. “Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said that five of the protesters arrested on Thursday have been charged with felony assault and that seven police officers were injured,” the New York Times reported in its live blog.

More images from Wednesday’s “Day of Action”:

One of the more tense moments of the day came just before 2 pm ET, when NYPD officers barricaded protesters in Zuccotti Park while they went after one particular OWS member. Reports indicate he kicked a police barricade and this was the police response. Check this out:

The movement heads to Foley Square at 5 pm ET.


“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church” —Tertullian

The Mayor Bloomberg-ordered NYPD raid of Occupy Wall Street‘s home base at Zuccotti Park only served to embolden and enliven the protesters. And today is a Day of Action for the movement, which celebrates the two-month anniversary of the beginning of #OWS and includes a march on Wall Street. Thousands of people have shown up to Lower Manhattan to join the protest.

Police have erected barricades, the assembled media is having a tough time gaining access, and we have no clue whether this will remain peaceful or turn ugly. The arrests have started. One report from the NYPD says 175 people have been arrested so far on this Day of Action.

You can see some of those arrests, as well as the NYPD using its LRAD sonic weapon here:

The must-follow @ericweinrib took this shot of some of those arrested:

If you’re stuck in your office or sitting safely in the confines of your home, but you want to see what’s going down anyway, there are plenty of live streaming options. Watch it here:

Tim from We Are the Other 99, who has pretty much been streaming live without stopping since Monday night/Tuesday morning’s police raid, is up and running again:

Occupy Wall Street Media Team:

The Other 99 Channel 2:

Global Revolution is up and running as well:

CBS News has a live aerial view:


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