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Watch This Tanker Truck Explode on the New Jersey Turnpike

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By HVnews on November 8, 2011

A tanker truck and minivan collided late Monday night on the New Jersey Turnpike, causing traffic to back up for miles and a portion of the highway to be shutdown until Tuesday morning.

The tanker truck, carrying some 8,500 gallons of fuel, exploded soon after the collision, resulting in a fireball that could be seen for miles.

“I could feel the heat on my face as I got close!” said a witness, who managed to capture the explosion and post it to YouTube. Watch it here, to the soundtrack of “Rolling in the Deep.”

Nine people, possibly all riding in the minivan, according to authorities, were taken to Hackensack Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, Carlstadt Fire Chief Robert Moore said. The driver of the tanker truck narrowly escaped just before the explosion. There’s no indication of the driver’s condition or if they had to receive medical attention.

“I don’t know what caused the accident, but the tanker went up against the divider,” Moore told NBC New York. Firefighters used a Port Authority foam truck to put out the flames.

Check out the explosion from a closer angle.

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