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VIDEO: What Was That Mysterious Flash Over Hawaii?

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By HVculture on July 1, 2011

Last week, cameras at an astronomical observatory in Hawaii caught a freaky explosion in the sky, similar to the strange Norway spiral from a few years ago. It looks like the opening of an inter-dimensional portal.

Crazy, right? Another view of it from a different webcam is floating around the webs. But that angle was still shot from Mauna Kea and not the taller mountain on Maui, Haleakala, which, btw, has a James Bond villain-like observatory on its peak.

(That tidbit has nothing to do with this explosion, but it feels like something you should know in case you are ever playing bar trivia and the question comes up: What mountain in Hawaii has a James Bond villain-like observatory on its peak?)

Anyways: From either view it looks like James Spader and Kurt Russell managed to open the Stargate right over Maui. Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait has some theories, and like always with these “strange phenomena over the sky” videos, the reality is often times a disappointment.

I think this covers it: a missile launches from California, and three minutes or so later the third stage releases an explosive charge which blows fuel out into space. This fuel expands in a shell, fades as it gets bigger, and appears to move across the sky as it does so.

Ugh, who cares about a missile launch over California, Phil. Why can’t you just chalk this up to the Apocalypse and make that sad man who keeps predicting it will come true happy?

Or, perhaps it could be an inter-stellar way between two warring factions of aliens and Earth is just a beachhead, similar to Midway or other Pacific Islands during WWII.

Reality, who needs it.

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