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[VIDEO] Jon Stewart Nails Romney By Letting Mitt Nail His Own Presidential Coffin Shut

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By HVpolitics on September 8, 2011

President Obama hasn’t even given his one-millionth speech about jobs yet — that will happen tonight — but that didn’t stop Mitt Romney from declaring it a failure and unveiling his own 160-page economic plan in Las Vegas this week. He even got out in front of the big debate on Wednesday night.

And there was Mitt, using unclear metaphors, pandering to the crowd like an overeager puppy, coming across as awkward and out-of-touch (His use of “Amazon Kindle” is the stuff of legends, by the way). Let’s just let Jon Stewart take it away, because here’s yet the umpteenth example of Stewart doing the job that talking heads and journalists seem unwilling to do.

Skip to about 2:00 in for Romney’s head-scratching segment.

The only thing more obvious than Romney’s absurd pandering is how desperate he is to be elected. Or as Jon Stewart put it during last night’s segment: “You want to be President so bad, Al Gore can taste it.”

What’s amazing about this segment, aside from how badly Romney comes across, is that Romney is supposedly the centrist candidate. By all accounts he “won” last night’s GOP debate, which is like winning a herpes sore from sleeping with a prostitute.

Between him, Perry, Crazy-eyes Bachmann, and Ron Paul (do we even have to mention the non-contenders like Santorum, Gingrich, Cain, and Huntsman?), it doesn’t feel like there is an honest-to-god candidate amongst them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were actually a sane and intelligent candidate to at least, you know, challenge Obama on his hit-or-miss policies these past three years?

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