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Dash Cam Video: Hit-and-Run Driver in UK Chased Down By Good Samaritans

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By HVvids on July 8, 2011

The details of this situation are a little, how you say in English English, dodgy.

But here’s what it looks like from where we sit: Two guys were driving around Southall, a suburb of West London. Around 3:20 into this video, they spot a hit-and-run. According to the YouTube description, the incident took place in January, and the woman had just run over a 75-year-old man.

Immediately one man pops out to help the victim, while the other chases down the woman who did it. “You are not leaving anywhere,” the Good Samaritan tells the lady when he’s finally caught up to her and called police. She claims to be late for work. How sweet.

It doesn’t look “FAAAAKE!” or anything, but some lingering questions do remain. Chief among then, why were they recording this and talking about following her in the first place?

As a follow-up, the man who recorded this says “The elderly gentleman survived and had cuts under chin and was badly bruised, her excuse was she was late for work. No news reports were made, and she got away lightly with a 2 year suspended, 200 hours community service, 2 year ban and had to pay the victim £500 compensation.” Seems a bit light for such recklessness.

(via Reddit)

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