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UC Davis Physics Department Staff Calls for Chancellor Katehi to Resign in Must-Read Letter

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By Cryn Johannsen on November 22, 2011

Does UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi have any friends or sympathizers left? I would be surprised if she did. She needs to do the right thing and resign her position immediately.

Here is a letter from a group of Physics Department faculty members calling for her resignation. In it, the faculty members state: “With a heavy heart and substantial deliberation, we the undersigned faculty of the UC Davis physics department send you this letter expressing our lack of confidence in your leadership and calling for your prompt resignation in the wake of the outrageous, unnecessary, and brutal pepper spraying episode on campus Friday, Nov. 18.” (The full letter follows below.)

The Department of English’s website also demands she resign. On November 19th, Nathan Brown, an assistant professor in English, wrote an impassioned letter, condemning the action and demanding she resign. Hey, Katehi, it seems that a whole lotta people want you gone in that community. There are a whole lotta people outside your community who want you to step down, too.

Here’s how you protest with grace and good sense — UC Davis students are a great model. Watch Katehi walk to her car, surrounded by silent students. It’s her walk of shame.

She needs to resign NOW. Please disseminate this letter and post widely.

In addition, UC Davis students will be carrying out a general strike on Nov. 28th. I urge all campuses across this country to do the same. Show solidarity with your brothers and sisters who were cruelly pepper-sprayed and treated with utter contempt.

Here is why you need to resign, Chancellor Kathei — this video below says it all. You know it. I know it. We all know it. The world has seen what happened on your campus, and you need to leave now.

Lt. Pike and another officer at the scene have been placed on administrative leave. Are we to assume that they are still being paid while on leave? That’s what I’d like to know.

Click Page 2 below to see the full letter in which the staff calls for Katehi’s resignation…

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