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Time Warner Beware: Comedian Takes Out Full-Page Ad Equating Company to Dahmer

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By HVculture on May 27, 2011

Many of you out there have probably had bad experiences with a company jerking you around. And maybe some of you have followed through with a sternly worded letter sent to the customer service department. But would you go so far as to publicly compare such a company to Jeffery Dahmer and have the serial killer come out on top?

Well , comedian Eugene Mirman did. In this week’s New York Press and Greenpoint Gazette, readers were greeted by a full page letter directed to Time Warner from Mirman. It seems that Time Warner has a history of “poor” customer service, as evidenced by the fact that when Googling “Time Warner Complaint” the entire front page is literally filled with sites bashing the company’s customer service.

There isn’t even a site from Time Warner linking customers to a place to file their complaints. Yes, Time Warner, this is what you want to show customers who are having issues; entire Google searches brimming with hate and loathing at your company.

Unfortunately for the PR people over at Time Warner, they decided to make problems for a comedian who was just trying to move apartments.

According to Mirman’s site, Time Warner’s “monolithic apathy to their inability to do what they say they will was frustrating, so I thought I’d make fun of them by writing a letter expressing my feelings and taking out full page ads in a few New York news papers running the letter.”

After moving around the date of his appointment multiple times, Mirman had enough and decided to take out the ad in a few different papers to get his point across. Some highlights include:

“Why should Time Warner Cable have a policy that is any different from Stalin’s?”

A rambling paragraph resulting in the comparison between Jeffery Dahmer’s babaganoush and Time Warner’s babaganoush, the ultimate superiority of Dahmer’s eggplant dish, and the concluding sentence of “Sorry that got weird. F**k you. I just made you read that confusing thing.”

Skip to about 3:15 into the video for the background story and then to hear Mirman read his letter to Time Warner.

“Why does your company act like a controlling, abusive husband on an episode of Law and Order?” is pretty much what everybody thinks of their Internet/cable company.

Eugene Mirman is used to this type of large audience humor, he’s been on the comedian circuit for about seven years so far. Most recently, Eugene was on “The Colbert Report” as a fertility clown helping women to conceive. Skip to 4:50 to see Mirman work his magic:

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If Time Warner Cable can piss off a happy-go-lucky fertility clown then that’s saying something.

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