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The Weiner Virus Infects Kenner City, LA

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By HVnews on June 29, 2011

Fantastic. We’ve apparently reached the portion of the show where everyone starts to get nailed for sending pics of themselves, whether they are Weiner-level racy or not.

The good folks of Kenner City, Louisiana, don’t much know how to handle the goose pimple-inducing love handles of city counselor Joe Stagni. Stagni has become the latest politician to send a sexy-time photo of himself to a lady and have that photo end up sprayed out for the public to see.

Time to hike up the judgment britches.

Stagni, 47, is partially undressed in his photo. Or, perhaps more accurately, he’s dressed in a wife-beater (how is this still a term for that particular type of undershirt?!) and teasing the photo recipient with the faintest suggestion of his lower abdomen.

For a 47-year-old dude, the guy looks like he has a decent — be proud, others will be envious. Why he’s not out and about pulling a Chris Lee or Anthony Weiner is really the surprising thing.

What’s under the shirt, Joe? No, please, don’t lift it all the way up! We. Can’t. Take. It.

Perhaps when you get to the level of national politics it allows politicians the opportunity to go full-Keith Hernandez and not just half-Hernandez?

The photo in question was taken way back in December 2009, so this actually predates the Weiner and Lee scandals — at least according to dick pic anthropologists. Somehow the photo found its way onto the government servers at Kenner City (City) Hall.

The photo was then discovered by the WDSU news team through an unrelated city investigation, and they aired it last Monday. Stagni claims he sent the photo to a woman he was having an “inappropriate” but “consensual” relationship engaged in “private acts” with.

So, even with all that in mind, the fine residents of Kenner City can’t help but weigh in on the Joe Stagni scandal.

“It’s his own private business, but since he’s an elected official, it’s not acceptable,” said Brenda Amaya.

“I don’t particularly care for it, but I don’t see a problem with it either,” said Mike Debarbieris.

“To me, he’s his own man. It’s really not my concern,” said Ray Brown.

Council Vice-President Maria Defrancesch said, “my heart goes out to Joe’s family” and added, “he has given the City of Kenner a black eye, and we are focused on this when we should be focused on more important issues.”

Man, oddly enough that’s pretty much the reaction people should have had during the Weiner scandal. But the good news for Stagni is that there’s no pressure to resign. Guess when it comes to the Book of Dick Pics, cock shots and bare-chested photos are not okay, but love handles are.

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