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The Mysterious Appearance of Ex-Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s Southern Drawl

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By HVpolitics on March 17, 2011

Hillary Clinton will not serve a second term in President Obama’s cabinet, if there is a second term. If the Secretary of State is gearing up for a run at the 2016 Presidential Sweepstakes, she might have to go rummaging around in the closet for her southern drawl.

Fox News and talk radio love to mock her infamous affectation. Ex-Fox anchor E.D. Hill once quipped, “If she was attending, say, a GLAAD convention, would she speak with a lisp? If she were attending a Hispanic convention, would she speak with a Spanish accent? Or if she were attending an African-American convention, would she start throwing out phrases — you know, ‘Homies, here I am’?”

Well, Clinton’s not the only one who knows how to play the game. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty made a pre-campaign stop in Iowa last week, where he spurned his normal Upper Midwestern in favor of the pandering Southern Charm. That didn’t sit quite right with Mike Supina, a St. Paul architect.

“I didn’t understand where the accent came from,” Supina said. “He sounded like he was from Arkansas.”

Enter Minnesota Public Radio, which then went around playing tape of the speech to local Minnesotans and asking whether they could identify their former governor. Most could not.

Here’s what it sounds like:

How did Pawlenty respond? “Anybody who actually follows me closely or has looked at these speeches over the years knows that from time-to-time I do that, and it wasn’t some sort of strategic decision for that group,” Pawlenty said. “I’ve done it in Minnesota. I’ve done it in other places.”

Hey, at least Clinton spent two decades living in Arkansas. What’s Pawlenty’s excuse?

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