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The Most Impressive Right-Wing Overreach of 2011

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By HVpolitics on December 7, 2011

Nobody does faux controversy like the right wing. Nobody.

It’s almost impressive to watch mundane nonsense slowly pick up steam, reverberate through the right-wing echo chamber and suddenly become the biggest outrages of our time. ACORN is sheltering taxes for pimps! Obummer once shook hands with Gadhafi! The NAACP harbors racists! NPR executives are liberal! That fella in the White House can’t talk good without no TelePrompter!

On the menu today? What the Obama kids are eating for lunch on Pearl Harbor Day. Seriously.

The lunch today at Sidwell Friends, the private school where Sasha and Malia Obama attend school, is a little too Japanese-friendly for at least one parent on this day we commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor Day. ASIAN mushroom soup? ORIENTAL noodle salad? TERIYAKI marinated chicken strips?

On Pearl Habror Day? How. Dare. You.

The always rational, sane folks over at the conspiracy-loving Free Republic have a few thoughts about this indecency, this school lunch that will live in infamy:

• Falafel on 9-11?
• How appropriate for the traitor-in-chief.
• “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this menu.”
• A FLUKE????? HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHh…they think we are SO stupid!!

Of course, the Drudge Report, never one to shy away from faux controversy, featured the story prominently on its outrage-inspiring page, and Watergate organizer and convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy chimed in with a tweet that kept the ball rolling towards the foul line:

And the tweets are piling on: @TejasKat says “REPULSIVE!,” @Randletr says “There are no words…,” and @grumpellino says “On Pearl Harbor day – about sums it up…”

The Washington Post made a quick call and found out this was “completely coincidental.”

A school rep told us this was just a fluke — not a meal intended to commemorate the 1941 Japanese attack on U.S. forces: The contractor that prepares school lunches randomly assigned an Asian menu to Dec. 7, and the subcontractor that prints the calendars automatically marked Wednesday at Pearl Harbor Day. “It was completely coincidental,” said Ellis Turner, associate head of the school.

It’s about time President Obama pull a Harry S. Truman, who threatened a music critic who panned his daughter’s concert, and fire off a sternly worded memo condemning anyone who turns a day of historic commemoration into a feeble chance to attack his family.

But, hey, those soldiers died so idiots can express their outrage over nothing.

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