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Study Finds Youth Would Rather Facebook Than Smell

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By HVnews on May 27, 2011

The Youth Hath Spoken: 53 percent of 16-22-year-olds would rather lose their sense of smell than give up their social media tools.

Well obviously.

Facebook started revolutions in the Middle East. For the average young adult, sense of smell has yet to provide anything other than surplus pounds and the need for a new roommate.

A study conducted by McCann Worldgroup released Wednesday asked 7,000 16-30-year-olds from seven different countries the skinny on their social media habits.

Apparently, they like it. A lot. According to a press release from McCann, this generation is based on what they like to call a “social economy.”

We call it online stalking.

Simply put, this basically confirms all our suspicions that this is a generation of creepers.

The study also found that the ability to create an alter ego online has made us thirsty for truth, like Stephen Colbert. Forty-two percent of respondents said “truthful” was the quality most valued in a friend.

And the bit about favoring revolutions over the scent of your roommate’s stanky socks is no joke either. Justice was marked as very important by 52 percent of the respondents.

So, ya see, the world will soon be run by creepy do-gooders. Splendid!

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