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So the 20-Foot-Long “Morganza Snake” Photo is Real, But the Story Is Not

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By HVculture on May 18, 2011

This snapshot of a Giant Snake of Unusual Size has been making the rounds the past two days. It’s been kindly dubbed “The Morganza Snake.”

The story goes that after the Morganza Spillway was opened to relieve flooding pressures along the Mississippi River, a host of demonic species were released into the wild.

“This picture was taken by the daughter of a coworker of my wife,” wrote a listener of WWL Radio. “She was driving by the Morganza and spotted this snake along the highway. She yelled at her future father in law the stop the car so she could get a picture.”

It’s been freaking people out as they try to determine the authenticity of it! At first it was a mystery.

“Here in the studio,” at Hot 107.9, “we have determined that this photo-that originated from user ‘capelloamy’ on WAFB’s official website–has a few things that just don’t add up.”

1. The snake is easily 20 ft. long and we can’t think of a species of snake in Louisiana that gets to that size.

2. Someone noticed that some of the plants in the background aren’t common in Louisiana.

3. Why would a snake of any size be traveling so close to the road?

The photo and snake in question is definitely real; some places have suggested it was photoshopped. The photo comes from Australia, not Louisiana. And the snake in question is a King Brown Snake — a poisonous snake that also happens to be Australia’s second-longest species of snake.

This particular photo showed up on Reddit about a week ago on two separate occasions (here and here). How the photo got from Reddit, where it was clearly indicated to be an Australian King Brown Snake, to becoming the legendary “Morganza Snake” freaking people out across Louisiana is another story.

Regardless, the photo and snake in question is real, but the story is not. Whether this helps you sleep better at night knowing this giant snake is really real is also another story for another day.

So we’ll just let Indiana Jones take it from here.

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