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Slow News Day Link Dump: Whitey’s Secrets, Libya, Obama & The Gays…

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By HVnews on June 24, 2011

It’s not just a slow news day. It’s been a slow news week. Quick, what’s the biggest story that’s unfolded in this post-Weiner week? Please don’t say Justin Bieber being attacked by an old man at Macy’s.

So, on a slow news day and a slow news week, here’s what’s going on without a lede…

–And then there were two: After Rep. Eric Cantor and Sen. Jon Kyl pulled out from the bipartisan deficit-reduction talks, we’re down to golfing buddies Speaker Boehner Vs. President Obama on whether or not our federal government will raise the debt ceiling of $14.29 trillion. At issue, Republicans will not accept any tax increases whatsoever. Considering President Obama’s pattern has been to wait until the last minute and then compromise (like the Bush-era tax cuts extension and the huge spending cuts during the budget talks), it’s a good bet there will be no tax increases.

Legalize it? Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul channel their inner Peter Tosh.

–The war in Libya continues! “The House has turned back a Republican-led effort to cut off money for military hostilities in the Libyan war. The vote was 238-180,” the AP reports.

–More details are emerging about the secret life of Whitey Bulger, the quasi-inspiration for The Departed. Mob trials don’t get the same kind of run-out as celebrity trials, but this one should be interesting because of the potential damage to the FBI (not the Female Body Inspectors).

–Hey, Ron Artest is trying to change his name to Metta World Peace. Can we get a petition to have Dirk Nowitzki change his name to Das Awesomehaus?

–Hacker group LulzSec doesn’t much like the state of Arizona, the anti-illegal immigrant law (SB 1070) or the state’s law enforcement. So they went all Wikileaks on state police.

–Here’s why you should always stick to the rule of Half Your Age PLUS SEVEN.

–Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Two dudes walk into a military processing center with machine guns and grenades. “The men — Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph A. Davis, 33, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, also known as Frederick Domingue Jr., 32, of Los Angeles — were arrested late Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to murder federal officers and employees, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and several firearms-related charges,” according to the New York Times.

–President Obama spoke at an LGBT fundraiser on Thursday night, and he did not endorse marriage equality. Nobody expected him to do so. Yet it’s still a big story. Not sure why. His positions are “evolving,” according to the White House, which is really DC-speak for “He believes in equal rights but doesn’t have political cover yet.” The cable news shows discussed this ad nauseum last night. Related: No news in New York yet. Will today be the day?

–Missed last night’s NBA Draft? SI.com’s Draft Blog is your go-to resources for all the info on top overall pick Kyrie Irving, Jimmer Fredette’s odd night, the Morris Twins and much more.

–The Phillie Phanatic took a line drive to the costume last night in Allentown, PA:

–ESPN.com’s Jamele Hill wrote one of the dumbest pieces in recent sportswriting history, laying out the case for why former Super Bowl hero and anti-marriage equality activist David Tyree should be respected for his bigoted views. As you might expect, some people have a problem with this: OutSports’ Cyd Ziegler Jr. nails it. That’s just about as perfect a response as they come.

–Glenn Beck told Rick Santorum that he could kiss him on the mouth during an interview on Thursday. It’s only newsworthy if Beck said “I could kiss your dog on the mouth.”

–The Juice is not loose…lipped. Oprah and OJ? Not so much. Yet. We’ll see.

–The first official numbers are out, and it’s estimated that the Vancouver mini-riot will cost the city about $5 million to clean up and repair damages. That’s a lot of loonies.

–Flooding in Minot! Officials in North Dakota’s fourth-largest city said they had done all they could to protect critical infrastructure from the rising Souris River. Watch this:

More news on the way on this slow news week…stay tuned!

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