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Shocking New Video Emerges from Memorial Day Police Shootout in Miami

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By HVnews on June 7, 2011

During one of the country’s biggest African-America party weekends in Miami Beach over Memorial Day, police approached a stalled car. According to the police, the driver had a gun and posed a threat, so they promptly opened fire, killing the driver and injuring four bystanders.

In the police’s defense, they claim the driver “allegedly struck a Hialeah officer, then led police on a three-block chase down Collins Avenue, crashing into cars, running up on the sidewalk and nearly crushing bicycle officers before skidding to a stop at 13th Street,” reports the Miami Herald.

Oddly enough, the cops didn’t find a gun in the car until three days later when it magically appeared. So we must find out whether police shot an unarmed man out of revenge for his behavior towards other officers. Despite the actions of the driver, did they absolutely need to use deadly force?

Also, they confiscated local news cameras on the scene, and grabbed and smashed a cellphone recording the incident and even pulled a gun on a non-involved civilian. The whole event was crazy. And it just got even more crazy as a new video of the incident has emerged.

The eyewitness videotape starts with cops shooting up the car, but then gets incredibly jarring during its climactic last third. Cops are seen pointing guns at civilians, screaming at eyewitnesses that had nothing to do with the incident and inciting general mayhem.

The first thing anyone learns when they use a firearm is never point it at anything you don’t intend to kill, which obviously the bike cop at the end of the video should know. But more than anything, including the strangeness of the events in Miami, is what does this type of thing say about our society? What does it say when the debate surrounding this news story is not what should be the responsibility of the police but rather should there be another African-American beach party weekend in Miami. (via reddit)

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