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Sex Offender Poses as QB Vince Young, Threatens Women Who Solve Ruse

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By HVsports on September 20, 2011

Impersonators can make a nice living making public appearances as the men and women they somewhat resemble. But when the closest celebrity you look like* is Philadelphia Eagles third-string quarterback Vince Young, there’s probably not much coming your way in terms of legitimate income.

So Stephan Pittman allegedly did what anyone would do in his shoes: Eschew hard work as an honest citizen in favor of making money from fake appearances, taking photos with sick children and threatening women once they figure out his true identity.

EAG Sports Management, Young’s management agency, alerted authorities and the media that Young’s impostor is Stephan Pittman, a 46-year-old sex offender in Fort Washington, Maryland.

EAG says Pittman has been operating in the Washington DC area, striking several times over the past week, according to NBC Washington. Apparently there are still people out there willing to pay Vince Young to make public appearances, which is a good sign for Young for when he officially falls behind Mike Kafka as the #3 QB on Philly’s roster.

“There’s a guy in D.C. running around saying he’s me,” Young said of his imposter. “Keep watch out for this guy because he’s not me. He’s out there impersonating me. He’s been taking money, taking pictures with kids at hospitals. It’s real sick.”

Pittman’s alleged M.O. is getting women to trust him, then he asks them to make a donation to the Vince Young Foundation, at which point he pockets the money. EAG Sports Management CEO Denise White says Pittman has even threatened women who have begun to piece together the ruse.

WTOP reports: “A search of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Sex Offender Database shows Pittman was placed on probation for the sexual assault of a 23-year-old woman in Texas in 2009.”

Brett Favre came out and made a similar announcement: “If y’all get any dick pics from a dude in a pair of Wranglers, that ain’t me, y’all. It’s an imposter, y’all. Seriously, y’all. I’d never do that.”

*Does that guy even look at all like Young? Doesn’t even seem close. Agree?

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