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Scantily Clad Women are Beating Up Homeless Men on Video

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By HVnews on April 12, 2011

Another year, another story about bum fights. This one, though, is a bit sexier.

Woman in Florida are reportedly paying homeless men between $25 and $50 to be videotaped being beaten for 12 minutes by scantily clad females. The videos are then sold for as much as $900 though a locally operated website called Shefights.net.

George Grayson, 37, was one of the men who was paid to be beaten. He was reportedly taken to a townhouse where as many as five woman would brutally beat him while others taped the action.

According to the St. Petersburg Times“I’m still in a little bit of pain from a couple of weeks ago,” Grayson said last week. “I’m just trying to deal with it mentally right now.”

Local homeless advocate G.W. Rolle said for months he noticed men walking around Williams Park with black eyes, split lips and limps before he finally got someone to tell him about the “beatdowns,” as they have come to be known among the homeless.

The website offers a series of clips of athletic women beating up men. Most of the clips on the site sell for under $20 and are less then 20 minutes long. In addition, the site offers custom videos that start at upwards of $600. It was reportedly these videos that got the site to pay the homeless men to be beaten.

Grayson was hardly the only person to be targeted and paid to endure one of these beatings. It’s unknown exactly how many homeless men were paid for this, but investigators estimate it was something that was going on over a long period of time.

G.W. Rolle is a local homeless advocate that had noticed men walking around Williams Park in St. Petersburg with black eyes and bruises, according to the Times. He began investigating and discovered the the website’s practices. Now he’s organized Grayson and one other man to bring an lawsuit against Jeff Williams, one of the men that runs the website.

“I was shocked when I found out what was really going on,” Rolle told the Times. “It’s incredible what people will do to each other.”

Rolle recorded hours and hours of video of men giving testimony of what happened. He’s also detailed the injuries suffered by the two men who are plaintiffs in the case. Williams responded to the charges, saying Rolle was bribing and coaxing the men to bring false testimony.

“These men are crack addicts and will say anything for money,” Williams said. “They’ve come back many times, which makes it pretty consensual.”

So it’s okay to beat someone as long as they tell you it’s alright? Many of the homeless are in the grip of drug problems or have intense mental disorders that prevent them from being a normal part of society. Even if by some legal loophole says what they’re doing isn’t illegal, it’s insanely exploitative and downright immoral.

Do you think the law should protect men from doing things like this consensually for money? And is this outright abuse or simply a very messed up for of MMA fighting? Tell us what you think below.

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