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Operation Fox Hunt: Anonymous Threatens to Take Down Fox News

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By HVmedia on October 25, 2011

The hacking collective known as Anonymous has aligned itself wholeheartedly with the Occupy Wall Street movement. If the protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park are the human element of the movement, then Anonymous is the machine behind it. They’ve released videos of support and previously threatened to take down the New York Stock Exchange website, to little avail.

Their intention is to disrupt and wreak havoc upon those groups they determine act as friction to change. To that end, the group has announced plans to take down Fox News’ website on November 5th due to what they believe is the right-leaning media outlet’s negative coverage of the protests.

The mission is titled “Operation Fox Hunt.” Break out the popcorn — this should be exciting.

It can’t go without saying that November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day. Anonymous is known to wear the Guy Fawkes mask when they go out in public. In many ways, Guy Fawkes is the group’s symbol. They take inspiration from the failed gunpowder treason plot of 1605. The real story, of course, won’t be until early November. For those that take delight in the particular Schadenfreude of Fox News’ website being taken down, you’ll be watching this develop with keen interest.

(via The Cajun Boy at Uproxx)


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