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“Obuma Welfare Slugs”: Minny Mini-Riot Video Smokes Out Racist Trolls from Holes

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By HVnews on September 12, 2011

It’s hard to decide which media angle is best in the aftermath of a street brawl that broke out in Minneapolis on Saturday night after the teenage “Big Bash 2” dance party at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. That fight was broken up by police, leading to a mass exodus of riled-up teens onto city streets.

One the one hand there is this (unintentionally?) hilarious line from City Pages: “Early news reports called the action a ‘riot,’ but that term has since been downgraded to ‘mini-riot.'” As if the street scuffle were akin to a hurricane. Three kids were arrested after police responded to the crowd with riot gear and pepper spray. One of the three arrested had punched a cop, the Star Tribune reports.

The other aspect of this is the sheer number of racist trolls prowling the comments section of the City Pages post. We’ll get to those in a second, but first, let’s peep the video.

The video, captured and uploaded by someone who says he was having his bachelor party at the Local, shows a slew of young people walking down the street. A couple of them begin to have words, and some scatter, before a dozen or so get into brief brawl with punches and chairs thrown.

You’ve gotta love the chatter at the beginning of the video, where one of the guys casually remarks, “Haven’t you ever gone to YouTube and searched bare-knuckle beat downs?”

But the big story here has to be the racist trolls that pop out of every nook and cranny to post their distaste for an “uncivil race of people.” Yes, the kids in this video are African-American. But check out some of the sample comments posted to both YouTube and City Pages:

-“Don’t drag my kid into this, jackass. Looks to me like uneducated, Obuma welfare slugs. Hard to find a white kids raised this way. In any event, black thugs outnumber them tenfold and that’s being kind.”

-“The black kids are just worse because their parents have taught them that they are entitled to something or other.”

-“Where most of these kids black,obama should be real proud of himself to bring back his racist agenda,he should calm down his people not encite them just for a vote,worst prez in our history.”

-“This is just the beginning. Wait until Obummer pushes the ‘race button’ – the the looting, burning, killing, rioting, … a 3rd World environment will begin and Obummer can instate Martial Law which will keep him in office for a second term or for as long as he chooses. Martial Law is real – look it up if you’re not familiar with it. Obummer’s and Moochel’s and Rev. Wright’s agenda of destroying ‘evil America’ is on track.”

-“Looks to me like more coming-of-age festivities for Eric Holder’s ‘my people.'”

-“Gee, I wonder why we used to have segregation? See how much more enjoyable life for ourseleves and our chldren is now that it’s over.”

-“Exactly, we gave civil rights to an uncivil race of people. REVOKE CIVIL RIGHTS TO BLACKS NOW!!!”

-“Too bad we didn’t pick our own cotton back in the day and leave these animals where they came from.”

-“Like most recent reporting on the spate of senseless random ‘youth violence,’ this story is entirely silent about the obvious demographic distribution of the perpetrators. I don’t see a lot of involvement by young Nordic Minnesotans in the accompanying video. The problem is not generational, but cultural. So long as the problem remains misdescribed, it will never be properly addressed. These are the fruits of ‘multiculturalism.’ Enjoy.”

-“I knew what to expect BEFORE I logged onto this site. It’s not even news anymore. News being that which is out of the ordinary as an event or out of character for the subject. This is normal fo the black hoards. Arm yourselves for the coming insurrection when the Mullah in the white house loses reelection. Stock up on ammo, it will be the currency during the crisis. And pray!”

-“Is it possible for negros to gather wiothout having chimpouts? Now, even white liberals are beginning to realize that segregation laws were a rational policy.”

Anyway, you get the gist. Pretty appalling stuff. Chimpouts? But that’s what happens in the anonymity vacuum of the Internet. People pretend like riots and violent crime are only symptomatic to one group of people. They forget about the brothers-sister combo that went on an armed multi-state crime spree, or the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver, which consisted mainly of white people, or the Florida dad who arranged backyard brawls in which his son participated. They forget about the Walmart employees who just robbed their own store for $45,000, or the girl who ran a huge cancer scam, or the woman who beat up a 12-year-old girl she thought was ogling her boyfriend. The list is endless.

Crime and violence and riots happens for a bevy of reasons, the least of which is because there’s a black president in the White House or because the government passed a civil rights bill in the 1960s.

Party promoter Brayshaun Gibson, 19, says police used pepper spray to disperse the first Big Bash party in April. In the sport of hosting dance parties that get broken up with pepper spray, Gibson is a solid 2-2. So, he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

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