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NZ Mom Invents Odd Lies About Daughter’s Rival to Help with College Admission

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By HVnews on October 18, 2011

It’s comforting to know that at least one New Zealand mother still cares about her daughter’s education. But that doesn’t exactly excuse her for willingly lying to two schools’ admissions offices that her daughter’s rival applicant was a lesbian with a sexually transmitted disease.

The mother in question, who has not been publicly named and shamed, was in court on charges of misusing a telephone (an awesome charge). Her daughter had applied to St. Hilda’s Collegiate and Columba College, as did her daughter’s rival.

So, the mother did what any good mother would do to ensure her daughter got accepted to college by posing as a nurse and calling the schools in early August, Stuff NZ reports.

Posing as a sexual-health worker, the woman told the schools the victim was in a lesbian relationship and had a sexually transmitted disease that needed treatment.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ian Collin said there was high demand for places at the schools and the woman made the fake calls in an effort to get her daughter accepted ahead of the other teenager.

The woman was convicted by a judge after her lawyer said she was mentally fit to stand judgement. She will be sentenced in mid-November.

Does this raise more questions about the acceptance process at New Zealand colleges than it does about whether this lady is fit to be a mother? Hard to say. But you’ve got to appreciate that the mother felt a young woman would not be accepted to college because she was a lesbian with an STD. Not that the girl cheated in high school, or killed a person and covered it up, but that she liked to sleep with other woman, and oh by the way, contacted an STD.

Could you imagine an admissions board getting a phone call like that and pulling out the students application and just rejecting them on the spot? Sorry, we don’t like lesbians or STDs. Buh-bye.

Once the experiment phase kicks in at American colleges, a student that’s into STDs and members of their own sex are like one out of every five members of the freshman dorms.

By The Way:

The field for “Mother of the Year 2011” continues to grow with solid candidates as we add one more.

Early leaders for the crown include the Delaware woman who tried to sell her baby to pay for a trip to Disney World for her other two kids, the Dallas woman who made her daughter film her group sexy time, the Connecticut woman who forced her four-year-old boy to chug beer while her 10-month-old tested positive for cocaine, the woman who brawled on the NYC subway while her baby strolled out of the car on onto the platform, the the New Orleans woman who left her 20-month-old son in a parked car along with the dead body of her friend while she passed out with a lighter and spoon in a gas station bathroom, the New York woman who gambled away $15,000 raised for her son’s leukemia treatment, the Kansas woman who urged her 12-year-old son to throw a brick at another boy’s head, and the Pennsylvania woman who huffed duster before a car crash with her infant son in the backseat.

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